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фьючерс ВТБ

На картинке фьючерс на ВТБ, непредсказуемое движение. Заработать на инсайде можно было 10-15% so far.

P.S. Сделал новый блог — фьючерсы ФОРТС, для таких вот постов. Подписывайтесь, кому интересно.

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Странно, у меня через «Х тик» платформа тех анализа, немного другая картина, перед падение хороший гэп в низ. С открытия рынков.
запости скриншот, посмотрим
ВТБ 5 минутный.
у тебя акция, а у меня фьюч
Извеняюсь, но и на фьюче все равно не совсем такая картина как у вас. у вас что за платформа, я ща позваню брокеру, то блин как на мт4, рисуют че хотят.ВТБ Фьючерс
на вашем графике даже намека на ГЭП нет с открытия, а есть некторые людие которые сразу после гэпа играют на его закрытие…
Вот и объяснение — старая история с инвестициями катарского фонда

Qatar hires UBS for possible $3 bln VTB deal-sources C.N UBSN.VX VTBR.MM
Qatar's sovereign wealth fund has hired UBS UBSN.VX to advise on a possible $3 billion investment in Russian state-owned bank VTB VTBR.MM, three people with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Tuesday.
VTB is working on a capital increase with Citigroup C.N to bolster its capital base.
«Talks are very advanced», one of the people said in regard to Qatar's discussions with VTB.
But there are potential obstacles to a deal, such as disagreement over the price at which the Qatar fund would pay for the VTB shares. Another issue is that President Vladimir Putin last month urged all further state asset sales to be held in Russia. This prompted VTB chief executive Andrei Kostin to acknowledge its planned capital raising might be delayed (Full Story).
Analysts have said the Moscow stock exchange is too small to supply all the capital VTB needs, which could depress the price of the shares the bank aims to sell.
Qatar Holding, widely seen as an opportunistic investor, is seeking a cheap deal with VTB, while the Russian government will want a decent price for its holding in the bank, the people said.
Bankers are currently working on a deal that would appeal to both Russia and the Qataris, such as mandatory convertible bonds that would provide Qatar with a substantial coupon, one of the people said.
The sovereign wealth fund is believed to have assets in excess of $100 billion and invested into global banks such as Credit Suisse and Barclays at the time of the financial crisis.
VTB's shares were up 1.5 percent by 1149 GMT.

Funny eh,  but its hard to say that the ara differences in two charts because «the old history»

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